How much does your Grab Hire service cost in Essex?

The cost varies depending on a number of things
1) The location of the site.
2)The amount of waste material being disposed of.
3)The type of material being disposed of.

How will I know when the Grab hire lorry from Essex will arrive?

All of our Grab Hire Essex lorries are GPS tracked. If we are doing a Grab Hire Service in Harlow Essex and you want a Grab hire Service in Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire our Grab Hire controller will be able to tell you how long it will take for our Grab Hire Essex to get to where you Require a Grab Hire Service In Bishops Stortford Or a Grab Hire Service in Epping Essex.

How much can a grab lorry carry?

Our grab trucks Harlow weigh in at around 16 tonnes empty and have a maximum weight of 32 tonnes, meaning they can legally carry up to 16 tonnes In volume this equates to between 12 and 15 cubic meters of waste, depending on the type of material.

Can a grab truck load over a fence or wall?

Yes they can, as long as the driver is able to pull the vehicle up close alongside the fence or wall and he is able to directly see the material to be loaded from the control platform behind the cab.

How much notice will you need?

We recommend that you give us as much notice as you van if you require a specific collection or delivery time. However we can sometimes still accommodate a booking made on the same day. If you require more Information please call our Grab Hire Team on 01279 812821 or 07793 411900.

Is there any waste you can't dispose of?

We are licensed to transport and dispose of all types of non-hazardous waste.

We cannot dispose of the following types of waste:
• Asbestos
• Car Batteries
• Car Tires
• Gas Bottles
• Hazardous Chemicals
• Paint
• Oil

Skip Hire FAQ


The majority of our Bishops stortford skips are used for general waste and rubbish, arising from various projects in and around Stansted Airport Skip Hire including:
  • Household Renovations / Maintenance
  • Household Clear-outs
  • Garage Clear-outs
  • Garden Maintenance / Clearance
  • Event Waste containment / Clearance
All items would be of a non-liquid / non-hazardous waste type

What can’t I put in my skip?

All non-hazardous waste including:
  • Paint / Solvents
  • Liquids / Oils
  • Asbestos
  • Tube / Strip light-bulbs
  • Food Waste
  • Animal / Pet Waste
Should you wish to dispose of any of these items, you can contact your local Council who will advise you of the relevant procedure.

What size / type of skip do I need?

But here are some things to remember:
  • 2yd skips Smallest skip
  • 3yd, 4yd, 6yd skips Mid-Size Skips most popular for skip hire in Stansted
  • 8yd, 10yd, 12yd & 14yd Biggest size skip hire in Bishops Stortford
  • 2yd skips are usually the smallest skip used by the general public
  • 6yd skips are usually the biggest skip used by the general public
  • Skips in Stansted,Bishops Stortford,North Weald,Sawbridgeworth,

How big are the skips?

  • Skips are usually quoted in cubic yards. Always order a bigger skip than you need.

How much does it cost?

  • Skip prices will vary according to size and availability for a particular area. Let us help you find the best option for your skip in Stansted in Essex.

How long can I have the skip?

  • Skip hire periods will vary, the general industry ‘norm’ is between 7-14 days but longer periods are available upon request. For longer hire of a skip in Bishops Stortford.

Should I give notice when ordering my skip?

  • We can usually supply your skip within 24 hours of booking, we may be able to provide a same day service (if ordered before 9.00a.m.) and we have availability.

Is there any availability on Sundays?

  • We only deliver skips Monday to Saturday.

Is there a load restriction?

  • All skips must be loaded level with the top of the skip. This is a legal requirement. It is actually against the law for a driver to carry skips loaded beyond this point on the highways. Likewise, the use of boards in and around the side of the skip in an attempt to increase its capacity is illegal.
  • To prevent wasted space within the skip, we would recommend that any large bulky items (wardrobes, beds, sheds etc.) you have to dispose of be broken down into smaller pieces.
  • We strongly believe that it is better for customers to hire a skip that is not completely filled, than to have a skip that is too small – and end up needing to hire a second skip, at further cost.

Are there any weight restrictions when loading a skip?

  • Only 6 yard skips can be filled with wet muck and or hard-core from your building job in Stansted or Bishops Stortford.

What happens if I haven’t finished with the skip on time?

  • It’s always best to contact us as soon as possible to advise of any change in the hire agreement. Flexibility is usually not a problem. The circumstances will be different for permit related skips, as a new permit may need to be arranged.
  • We would suggest that the skip is ordered as far in advance as possible to ensure the best satisfaction.

What if I have limited or restricted access to site / property?

  • Most vehicles will require a minimum width allowance of 3 metres, although larger vehicles (required for some larger skips) will naturally need more room. Also be vigilant when thinking about skip placement with regard to hazards such as:
  • Overhanging trees / bushes
  • Overhanging building sections / eaves etc.
  • Power cables (overhead & ground level)
  • Telephone cables
  • Drain covers (weak or prominent)
  • Should you have any doubts about any of these factors, please contact us to discuss them.