Today was not a good day for our grab lorry that covers Essex on the way out of our local tip it had a major engine failure.

Luckily for us we have a maintenance agreement with RJB commercials. On arrival we were advised by the owner of RJB Commercials that the engine was beyond repair and that we need heavy recovery.  

All our Grab Hire lorries are looked after by this Essex based company and arranged collection.

The Grab lorry was in Essex when it broke down so it was an Essex based company that arranged the collection.  The Grab lorry was just outside Stansted Airport in Essex and was taken to Saffron Walden which is also in Essex.  

The Video shows the recovery vehicle being hooked up to the broken down Grab lorry to start the journey across Essex.  Because of the length of the two lorries when connected it was mentioned that the journey would not be straight as we first hoped.  It was the decided that the best route would be for both Grab lorry and recovery lorry to go back into Hertfordshire then across to Essex where the grab lorry will go under a tight Bridge.

RJB Commercials now have the task of getting the Grab lorry in Essex back up and running as quickly as possible, the Grab lorry in Hertfordshire team are covering the work load in the mean time.  

On the advise of RJB Commercials we are now looking to buy another Grab lorry Essex as soon as possible.   

For more info just call 01279 93 64 93